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Energy and waste

A Countryside Friendly Smart Grid

This manifesto for the future of the national electricity grid has been issued by CPRE, in conjunction with a wider alliance of countryside campaigners. It calls for a smart grid that has a reduced impact on the landscape, and to reduce the need for new grid infrastructure in the longer term.

  • Briefing, March 2009
  • A4, 7pp




CPRE's policy on energy

Climate change is the most urgent and complex environmental issue we face today. The impact of both energy generation and use on the countryside and the climate is growing. CPRE believes the Government should prioritise measures to curb the growth in energy demand, encourage energy efficiency, promote a wider range of renewable technologies and ensure that new energy generation is lower carbon.


Generating light on landscape impacts:

How to accommodate onshore wind while protecting the countryside


Policy guidance note: Onshore wind turbines

While wind energy can make an important contribution to tackling climate change, CPRE believes this should not come at the expense of the beauty, character and tranquillity of rural England. We assess wind turbine proposals for their potential impact on the landscape, taking account of their cumulative impact, and strongly resist those whose impact we consider to be unacceptable. This note explains how the planning system should enable such judgements to be made fairly and transparently.

  • Policy guidance notes, July 2012
  • A4, 4pp


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