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Branch submits comments to the Commons Select Committee

Friday, 09 September 2016 11:26

Committee inquiry : The Future of the Natural Environment after the EU Referendum

CPRE Lancashire believes it is important for a living and beautiful countryside to be supported by balanced policies in terms of economic social and environmental factors. We have a neutral stance on Brexit, either way we want the countryside to be protected and enhanced by sound planning principles to steer sustainable development.

We acknowledge that incentives from the Common Agricultural Policy to farmers, as custodians of our rural places, aim to promote positive actions and outcomes for the natural environment. These payments represent important funding sources for environmental schemes in the United Kingdom. CPRE Lancashire believes the societal benefits of the environmental schemes are well evidenced and are widely recognised. Therefore the Government must continue to support ongoing strategically aligned nature stewardship schemes to protect and enhance our ecosystems including biodiversity, water quality, and flood risk management.

If/when the Government triggers the UK leaving the European Union, the current payment arrangements are likely to cease, and consequently the Government needs to declare its commitment to a similar financial regime to maintain support for farmers and agri-environment schemes.

As a rural watchdog we will keep a close eye on developments to see rural areas do not lose this important source of income for farmers in the valuable work of protecting the environment. A healthy environment underpins a healthy society.

See below for a copy of the full submission.

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