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Lancashire - Campaign to Protect Rural England

CPRE releases manifesto for the next government

Thursday, 07 November 2019 13:15

CPRE releases manifesto for the next government

The December 12th election is a chance for all of us to demand that our precious countryside and urban green spaces are at the forefront of decision making - whether that be looking at the climate emergency, building new homes, public transport or the importance of local foods. 

At CPRE Lancashire, Liverpool City Region and Greater Manchester, we believe that our countryside and green spaces are there for all to enjoy, and we want to see policies that promote a healthier economy and happier communities. Together, we can send a message to Westminster to ask for the vital reforms that ca see this happen.

In our manifesto for the next government, we've identified four key areas where action needs to be taken. We want to see the next government: 

Download our manifesto below to find out more.


To focus more effort on important rural campaigns CPRE Lancashire has closed the Springfield Office in Leyland.  To get in touch with us, please contact or phone 01772 378831. Post can be sent to CPRE Lancashire, c/o Acres Brook, Sabden Road, Higham, BB12 9BL

Registered charity number: 1107376, registered company number: 05291461