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Thursday, 07 November 2019 13:15

CPRE releases manifesto for the next government

The December 12th election is a chance for all of us to demand that our precious countryside and urban green spaces are at the forefront of decision making - whether that be looking at the climate emergency, building new homes, public transport or the importance of local foods. 

How could a “brownfield first” approach help us make the best use of land in the Liverpool City Region?  This was the challenge posed to Zoe Nixon and Aidan Semple, two students from the University of Liverpool, as part of an internship programme for the Liverpool City Region Year of the Environment.

CPRE Lancashire seeks an experienced planner for a new part-time role, to provide technical support and training to CPRE planning volunteers across Lancashire, Liverpool City Region and Greater Manchester, as well as directly handling some priority planning issues. This is a paid, home-based role, 2.5 days per week. Closing date: 31st January 2020.

For the past three weeks, the Hulton Park Public Inquiry has been taking place in Bolton. CPRE Lancashire fielded Dr Des Brennan as CPRE Lancashire’s representative at the public speaker session on Thursday 10th October 2019.  He gave an excellent, considered and detailed representation concerning the s106 Agreement, which has since been updated, and is now watertight on the issue of no commencement of ALL and ANY development to the proposal site before it is certain that Peel’s bid to host a Ryder Cup tournament has been successful.  

Monday, 14 October 2019 14:51

Space to breathe

CPRE's research into the state of our Green Belts highlights unprecedented threats to Green Belt land at a time when land that can act as a green lung around the edge of our cities has never been more important. 

CPRE Lancashire is delighted that BBC Radio Lancashire presenter Stephen Lowe has agreed to be a Patron of our charity! Born in Accrington, Stephen and his wife Freda have two sons, Thomas (25) who works in Leeds as a software developer, and Oliver (11), who loves cricket and all things outdoors! Stephen filled us in on his career to date, the origins of his love for Lancashire’s countryside, and being the first Myerscough YTS student to be made a Fellow of the College.

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