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Housing and planning

Housing and planning

Good strategic planning is the unsung hero of countryside protection. We are continually consulting with the 26 local planning authorities across Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester to influence the planning policies being brought forward in their local plans so that they are as countryside-friendly as possible. Local plans should enable sustainable development with economic, social and environmental factors brought into balance. They ought to encourage urban regeneration, curb urban sprawl, reduce reliance on road traffic, and in doing so protect the beauty, tranquillity and valued landscapes.


We are the experts that help inform the Lancashire planning system and give local people the chance to engage with local plan consultations, have their say on individual applications and how their neighbourhoods evolve. Due to historical development we have sprawling conurbations and significant amounts of vacant brownfield land which should be reused first.

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Green belts

Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester's Green Belts provide a breath of fresh air for over 5 million people and stop towns from merging into one another with the loss of countryside. But they are under threat from the pressure of new speculative developments and without an adopted local plan or defendable 5 year housing land supply the ability of authorities to resist Green Belt encouragement is reduced. We are fighting to stop the unnecessary release of Green Belt land for development.

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Everyone needs a place to live and we acknowledge the need for more houses. We argue that brownfield use in urban settlements should be prioritised to avoid the bulldozing of land on the urban/rural fringe and in rural areas. Therefore, we advocate that developers should be making more use of previously developed sites within our towns.

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