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Energy and waste

Energy and waste

Our goal is to avoid the damage to the countryside by encouraging a reduction in overall consumption and being more efficient with what we use.  Our branch was quick to develop a response to Shale Gas fracking, focusing on transparent planning and adequate regulation, as Lancashire is the first onshore area to be explored for this new fuel source.  Our branch has also commented on a number of recent national waste planning policy and regulation consultations.

Climate change and energy

We urgently need to halt the damage to our countryside, by reducing the amount we consume overall and using our natural resources more responsibly.

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Electricity pylons

We are concerned that government proposals for new electricity pylons could cut through many of our Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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CPRE Lancashire believes in a waste hierarchy – reduce, reuse, recycle - then only when absolutely necessary landfill. By reducing the need to landfill and directing waste land use to the most sustainable locations we can best protect our finite and valuable countryside.

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Shale gas

It is CPRE Lancashire’s belief that if shale gas and oil development is permitted, operations ought to have minimal impact on rural landscapes, avoid unsustainable use of natural resources and pollution, and minimise greenhouse gas emissions. Above all, it must be carried out safely.

Key documents from CPRE Lancashire’s recent engagement with hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’, of shale gas and oil due to the planning applications by Cuadrilla to frack in its area are available here. In brief CPRE Lancashire calls for transparency in the planning regulation and a robust environmental regulatory regime.

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